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Keep away from valve staggering, incorrect closing, lacking opening and missing closing. The operator shall evidently comprehend the function of every single valve and its place in the method pipeline to steer clear of misoperation, or it could result in material managing, mixing, pressure keeping and other incidents. For instance, steam purging is carried out just before the start off of a refinery products, and a vent valve is leaked right after purging. As vacuum bellows , 370 ℃ substantial-temperature oil slurry is discharged from the vent valve in the course of the commence of the undertaking, leading to a hearth, and the equipment is shut down.When glove box parts is under ℃, the valve that is out of services shall be antifreezed initial, and the plug at the bottom of the valve shall be opened in time to discharge the condensed water within. The valves that cannot be cleaned and operated continually shall be stored warm.For valves operating at large temperature, when the temperature rises previously mentioned 200 ℃, the bolts are heated and extended, which is easy to make the valve seal not limited. When necessary, the bolts shall be “hot tight”. When very hot restricted, it is not suitable to perform in the entirely shut place of the valve. In purchase to stop the valve stem from getting jacked and difficult to open up once more.When the valve leaks, the leakage position and explanation shall be recognized initial. Normally, the leakage is divided into two varieties: leakage at the packing, leakage at the valve cover, valve human body and leakage at the sealing surface or fabric in accordance to the external structure. The operator shall accurately choose the leakage, and manage the issues that can be solved by himself in time, and the difficulties that can not be solved by him in time. packing gland of the valve must not be pressed way too tightly. It is far better that the valve rod can rotate sensitively. If it is pressed also tightly, the friction of the valve rod will be elevated and the working torque will be enhanced. For the duration of valve procedure, it is normally not permitted to change or add packing with force at will, normally, leakage of medium could trigger dangers.